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Phytopia - Founder - Joanna Wang

Joanna Wang, the Founder of Phytopia, has always felt a deep connection to plants and nature ever since she was a child growing up in Taipei, Taiwan. There was something mystical and unexplainable about the nature of plants and her family grew gardens of nearly every variety. During college she majored and graduated with a degree in Environmental Conservation, as she felt the importance of protecting the environment, while studying what she loved the most.

Joanna founded Phytopia in 2000 with the mission to help people get in-tune with the nature and improve their daily lives with aromatherapy by using only natural, organic ingredients into her synergies. To this day, she avoids using harmful medicines on her two kids, instead opting for all-natural remedies whenever her kids are sick or her husband is fatigued from work.

She has studied and mastered the art of Chinese herb medicine for over 20 years and practiced professional aromatherapy for over 16 years in her hometown of Taipei, quickly gaining attention in her home country and eventually expanding to China, Japan and now the United States to deliver “synergies that will change the world, one person at a time.” Joanna is certified with the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA), combining both the home-grown methods and traditions of Chinese medicine with Western clinical aromatherapy to develop remedies combining the best of both worlds.

A passionate climate change activist, Joanna and her team practice sustainability, only deriving her sources for essential oils from fair-trade farms around the world. Every single drop in a bottle of Phytopia Synergy is a culmination of hand-picked plants delivered straight from farms to the table.

Joanna believes that anyone is capable of making positive changes: it is just up to you to make the right choices.

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